Thursday, April 9, 2015

DCarsonCPA on VUCA a Volatile, Uncertain, Ambiguous and Complex World. Global Risk in the Economy and Financials.

In Draft:

DCarsonCPA on VUCA A Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous World. Global Risk in the Economy and Financials. VUCA is not my term, or Our Term it is a common term to express the complexity of Geo Political and Societal Risk in the broadest context in a world in Flux.

It enters our conversation and consideration of the value at work in the Economy and Financials because at the very core of the Economy is Our way of  Life as a Nation based on the principles of Freedom, Liberty and Justice as finding our way in a new and challenging time in the Global Economy. With an intent neither to alarm nor to sway from the perspective that these are indeed alarming times, we seek to share that which we see for your awareness and for the value to Leadership and teamwork that can help on improvements where we ALL meet in the Economy and Financials.

A way of life is changing.... Our way of Life and the pursuit of Life, Liberty, Self Expression and a path of rugged individualism in balance to a framework of shared accountability. We don't claim to hold the answers but that does not mean that it's not worth speaking about this. We  have called upon a new generation to stand and deliver, to serve and protect and we owe it to them to stand as they have stood for the value of who we are on teamwork, exceptional teamwork rooted to the value of who we are where we stand today on Liberty, Freedom and the Republic.

Seeking to deny that value of anyone of us is to deny us of the purpose of who we are together on exceptional teamwork as there is no separation to that beacon of Freedom and Liberty and to who we are together on exceptional teamwork. We are exceptional because of who we are along with our differences and the ability to come together with our differences to a point where the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. We need to talk more as a people about that value and that exceptionalism or we Risk that very value of who we are on teamwork. As a purpose not revisited becomes lost along the way. There is a common ground to which we meet.

Any consideration of Value in the Market Place requires some identification of the Assets against which Risk is being measured, for if you cannot assess or measure Risk it is because you cannot define the Asset and the Market Place in which that Asset Exists.  We place to the core of value that central asset from which ALL value has grown in Our Economy. Our Constitution as that Gift of Providence and Our Founders to permit all that we share and value in common as a Nation. As you ground to that basis of the Constitution it forms a relevant perspective from which we see and hold central as the common ground where Industry, Non Profits, NGOs, Government and Individuals / Families and Communities meet in the Economy and Financials.

For the central lines of who we are as Individuals, in Families, Communities and in the Aggregate Our Constitution bears relevance to the lines of Our Allies and the many of Nation's united in Global Trade and Teamwork for The Economy and Humanity in the Aggregate.

These are unique times where something has changed and something is concerningly missing. We are speaking less and less to the core of who we are together on teamwork and more and more to the imperfections, Forgetful of the important progress and the realization of certain inevitable truths, truths captured and expressed by Our Founders in the Declaration and the Constitution as rooting to the inevitable truth of the Equality of Men (and Women as we have come to learn and know it). Truths that through having been written into the source code for the Nation have become manifest in a (comparatively) short in historical but long in societal terms path to correct the application of recognizing the equalities of All men and women being created as equal without regard to gender or race, denomination or sect, class or creed.Our generations have fought for the rights of Freedom and Liberty, the truth of equality as mapped to amendments in 1865 (ratification of the 13th Amendment) and 1919 (ratification of the 19th Amendment) and the slow path to fully realize the implications o the 13th and 19th amendments as in fact defining that the Declaration and the Constitution taken in literal terms were as source code to define the self evident truths that we all have been created as equal endowed of a common creator.

In realizing the Self Evident Truths and living to the values we remove some of those most fundamental of challenges to meet a system of equality. In so doing what must not be lost is that the very vehicle and mechanism that allowed us to make these changes were embedded by Our Founders into the words of the Declaration and the Constitution themselves. That speaks to the value of the legacy we have inherited a Legacy of Freedom and Liberty within a framework of Rugged Individualism and shared Accountability as who we are onto ourselves and each other as fellow citizens of the Nation. That groundwork defined it intertwines with out role on Global Teamwork and VUCA as follows.

We have for the generations been an inspiration on to others even as we were originally inspired by the Greeks, the Romans, England, Magna Carta (see also LOC on Magna Carta), Lord Oliver Cromwell (see also British Library on Cromwell) and the purposed support of the French which ultimate gave rise to the Freedom and their Republic. Our Founders were complex and Learned Scholars, Polymaths in the case of Franklin and inspirational in the image of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and the many of proud Presidents and Statesman (US House History, US Senate History, and other Proud Statesmen, Generals, Soldiers and Countrymen and Women) over the generations. Each inevitably working towards a vision of improvements for Our Nation and in so doing impacting a world more commonly aware of Our value as a Nation as a beacon for Freedom, Liberty and the rights of self expression and self determination. While we live in an imperfect world and live and grown as the world has grown to higher ideals these are yet important times to see the value of exceptionalism as the value of who we are on teamwork.

More to follow swiftly to complete this and open the lines on VUCA in contextual framework to the core of value. To include:

  • The Beacon of Freedom and Liberty
  • That core of value that we share
  • The value of who we are on Global Teamwork as a Free Nation amongst Free Nations. As a supporter of the value of Humanity and Freedom from the yoke of oppression, of subjugation and the rights of Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Religion, Free Speech within the conceptual framework of shared accountability.
  • Points to follow...